Find a fishing Charter in Sicily, Italy

If it's big and swims, you should fish it!

The experience of catching the fish of your dreams in the Egadi Islands (Europe's largest sea reserve) and the Sicilian Channel, one of most fishy areas of Italy and of the entire Mediterranean sea! Swordfish, Tuna, Groupers, Amberjack, Bass and many more await you in our still unspoilt waters. Find a charter sailing from Favignana, the biggest island of the Egadi archipelago (7km away from Trapani, Western Sicily Coast).

Some of the tecniques used during a Fishing Charter:

  • Night trolling for Swordfish  
  • Inchiku to big groupers  
  • Trolling with live bait  
  • Tuna fishing  
  • Drifting  
  • Vertical Jigging  
  • Big Game Fishing  

Which month? 

The best months for a fishing charter on the Egadi Islands and Western Sicily banks go from September to December and from March to June, but the other months are also a rich in fish and are lot of fun thanks to the still unspoiled waters of the islands.

Trapani, Favignana and the Egadi Islands, Western Sicily

Western Sicily includes some of the most fishy areas of Italy and of the whole Mediterranean sea. The Egadi Islands at 7 km away from Trapani, western Sicily coast, are Europe's largest sea reserve, and many species live untouched in these waters, letting the fish population grow each year in a unspoiled and protected environment. The Egadi Islands are also one of the most important locations for the tuna fish reproduction. Favignana (the biggest island of the reserve) in fact has been the queen of "mattanza", the ancient rite of tuna fishing, until the sea reserve was instituted. A fishing charter, authorized by the reserve, regardless of your experience level, will let you fish on the best offshore banks of the Egadi Islands, of the Sicily channel and Mediterranean Sea, with the best sportfishing equipments at your disposal. Find a captain to lead you in an exciting chase in blue waters, letting you live an unique adventure in harness with a still unsploit nature. A fishing charter, usually counts several stages, amongst which: the Skerki bank, a heaven of fishes and shellfishes at several deeps (from 200 meters to the 30 cm of the Keith Rock), the Talbot bank, 36 miles away from the Island of Favignana, the Pantelleria Bank, 20 miles away from the namesake island. During a Fishing Charter you will often come across dolphins, swordfishes, sea turtles and all the banks you will visit are full of big groupers, greater amberjacks, sea breams, bass and many other Mediterranean species. This is an absolutely unique experience which will let you feel the emotion of capturing the fish of your dreams, with the professional equipments and all the sportfishing tecniques at your disposal, both on the banks and on the shoals. A Fishing Charter is the best choice for both fishing lovers and for those who look for a special and adventurous holiday. This is without doubt one of the most exciting excursions that Sicily may offer to its visitors.


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